zomato – restaurant finder and food delivery app

Your safety is our top priority. Choose non-contact delivery and non-contact dining to ensure that the interaction between people is reduced when ordering or dining in the restaurant.
zomato is a restaurant review, discovery and takeaway app with in-depth information on more than 1.5 million restaurants in 24 countries!


Zomato serves more than 70 million users every month, helping them find quality food in restaurants through its search and discovery service and online food delivery services in India, UAE, Lebanon and Turkey.

Install the zomato app and plan your next meal by browsing restaurant menus, photos, ratings and reviews.

*Search and discover restaurants : search for restaurants, food or dishes on zomato! From pizza, pasta, noodles, Biryani, butter chicken, pancakes to salads, cakes, burritos, burgers, dim sum, sushi (and more)-we meet all your needs.

Use our search filter to find breakfast, lunch or dinner restaurants near you (and all other information in between) and refer to our topic-based curated list (called “favorites”) to find the best burgers, ideal dates Location or trending restaurant in town!

*View menu and other detailed information : Find restaurant menus, reviews, pictures, contact information, map routes, and all other basic information needed for the next carnival trip. Our safety label will provide you with detailed information about the measures taken by restaurant partners to achieve a safer dining and takeaway experience.

*All-weather (24×7) food delivery: With online food delivery services in more than 500 cities around the world, you can order food and beverages and deliver them to your door within a few minutes.


*Get groceries : Use zomato market to get your daily necessities, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat, etc., and deliver them to your door in no more than 60 minutes.

* Easily track your order : Easily track your ordering process through real-time tracking on our app. Get accurate delivery time estimates and detailed information about delivery valet immediately after placing the order.

* Rating and reviewing restaurants: Add ratings and reviews for restaurants you have visited or ordered, and share photos of your gourmet moments. Tell us what you like, dislike, and what you can improve.

*Available zomato pro version : become a zomato pro member and enjoy up to 40% discount on dining experience. In addition, check your savings in every professional transaction on the app for tracking.

*Reservation form to avoid queuing : avoid waiting in the restaurant by booking zomato in advance. Just choose a partner restaurant, increase the number of guests, and then choose a dining location to enjoy a seamless experience.

*Find and follow your friends : Using zomato feed, you can find and follow your friends or top foodies to see where they eat and what they like best.

zomato is applicable to India, UAE, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Lebanon, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, UK, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Chile, Italy, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Malaysia and Singapore.

*Some functions are only available in limited locations.