DMCA policy

This “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” policy ( “Policy”) applies to HTTP: // website and all its related products and services, and describes how the site operators of copyright infringement notice. The author and how you file a copyright infringement complaint.


Intellectual property protection is very important to us, and we require users and their authorized agents to do the same. We will take prompt measures to “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” ( “DMCA”) to respond to obvious copyright infringement alleged act according to the 1998 US law, its contents can the US Copyright Office website on the find .

Things to consider before filing a claim for copyright infringement

Before you submit a copyright statement to us, please make sure that the use meets the conditions of fair use. The fair use statement states that in some cases, for the purposes of criticism, reporting, teaching, and research, abstracts of copyrighted materials can be quoted verbatim without the permission or payment of the copyright owner. If you think it’s fair use and want to continue to file a complaint of copyright infringement, you can first contact the user who has the problem to see if you can solve the problem directly with the user.

Please note that if you are unsure whether the reported material is indeed infringing, you can contact a lawyer before submitting a notice to us.

We may share a copy of your notice or dispute notice with third parties at our discretion or as required by law. This may include sharing information with account holders engaged in allegedly infringing activities or postings. If you are worried about the transmission of information, you may wish to hire an agent to report infringing materials for you.

Violation notice

If you are the copyright owner or his agent, and you believe that any material of our service can infringe your copyright, you can use the following contact information to submit a written notice of infringement (“notice”) in accordance with the DMCA. All such notifications must comply with DMCA requirements.


Filing a DMCA complaint is the beginning of a predefined legal process. Your complaint will be reviewed for accuracy, validity and completeness. If your complaint meets these requirements, our response may include deleting or restricting access to the allegedly infringing material.

If we delete or restrict access to the material or terminate the account based on a notice of alleged violation, we will do our best to contact the affected user to obtain information about the deletion or restricted access, which may include a complete copy of your notice ( Include your name, address, phone and email address), and instructions for submitting a dispute notice.

Despite any provisions to the contrary in any part of this policy, the operator reserves the right not to take any action without receiving all DMCA copyright infringement notices. DMCA information about these notices.

Counter notification

Users who have received a notice of copyright infringement can file a counter-notification in accordance with Section 512(g)(2) and (3) of the US Copyright Act. If you receive a notice of copyright infringement, it means that the materials described in the notice have been removed from our services, or access to these materials has been restricted. Please take the time to read the notice, which includes information about the notice we received. To submit a dispute notice to us, you must provide a written communication that complies with the DMCA requirements.

Please note that if you are not sure whether certain materials infringe the copyrights of others, or whether the materials or activities have been deleted or restricted due to errors or identification errors, you can contact a lawyer in advance. File a counter notification.

Despite the contrary provisions in any part of this policy, the operator reserves the right not to take any action after receiving the counter notification. If we receive a notice of dispute that complies with 17 USC §512(g), we can forward it to the person who made the original notice.

The process described in this policy does not limit our ability to take any other remedial measures, and we may have to remedy the alleged violations.

Changes and modifications

We reserve the right to change this policy or its terms related to the website and services at any time, and this policy or its updated version will take effect after being posted on the website. After completion, we will post a notice on the homepage of the website.

Report copyright infringement

If you want to let us know about counterfeit materials or activities, you can do so through the DMCA TakeDown contact form