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Virtuagym food: helps you stay healthy and feel good. Answer a few questions about your lifestyle and goals to get a free personalized nutrition plan. We support programs with many goals: weight loss, weight maintenance, weight gain and muscle building. Eat what you want, but pay attention to those calories, carbohydrates and fats!


* Food database verified by expert nutritionists
* Add your own food
* Save meals and add them immediately next time
* Track nutrition for multiple goals (such as weight loss and muscle development)
* More than just a calorie counter: focus on these carbohydrates , Protein and fat, and
*Track weight, fat percentage and many other body indicators in Progress Tracker
*Integrated with Virtuagym Fitness for family and physical exercises
*Get rewards through healthy eating and make

-Our app is developed in collaboration with fitness clubs/gym, personal trainers and professional nutritionists, making Virtuagym the most comprehensive solution for exercise and nutrition coaches on the market. We are not only a calorie counter, but also a complete ecosystem.
-We support nutrition programs with multiple goals, such as weight loss, weight maintenance and muscle building. It is a combination of calorie counter, protein counter, carbohydrate counter and fat counter, and is fully integrated with our fitness tracker application, with a complete virtual coach training function. With these apps, you can achieve your goals faster than ever!
-We are one of the leading apps in the “Health and Fitness” category and have been recommended in the “Health and Fitness” category in many countries around the world.
-We are one of the first Food Tracker apps to use Google Material Design Guidelines. This means that the interface is very user-friendly and intuitive.

Verified food database
Our food database is linked to several official food databases. These food databases will be updated regularly. The foods on this list have been verified by professional nutritionists.

For various goals:
-Weight loss: Focus on calories for weight loss. By combining our calorie counter with exercise through Virtuagym Fitness, you can achieve your goals!
-Maintain weight: find a diet plan that suits you. You will get a balanced diet plan with enough calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat.
-Weight gain: eat, eat, eat. Find out which foods can help you achieve your goals.
-Build muscle: you need protein. Lots of protein. Use our protein counter to see which food is best for you.


Different diet plans:
We have diet plans for multiple goals. You can choose your own diet plan (low carbohydrate, high protein, low calorie, whatever you want), and we will provide you with a personal diet plan. Virtuagym Food comes following a diet plan:
– durable
high protein diet
– low-carbohydrate diet
– muscle exercise diet
– Athletes
– Aerobic movement
after weight loss diet
– Custom: Choose your own carbohydrates, protein and fat percentage .

Another benefit of Virtuagym Food is that vegetarians can also use it. You can eat whatever you want. Just pay attention to the nutrition you eat. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian, you can stick to your vegetarian diet plan through Food.

Fully integrated with virtual fitness
-one account with access to all the content you need
-complete exercise-
3D animation exercise
-written exercise instructions
-progress tracking: more than 30 available values

Does customer service
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