Angry Bird MOD APK v8.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Game NameAngry Bird MOD APK
Size99.1 MB
Mod infoUnlimited Money
Compatible WithAndroid 4.0 and up

Angry Birds MOD APK is one of the most popular Android games. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times, and has even spawned a series of television commercials. But did you know that you can actually customize Angry Birds? You can download MODs that change the game’s look and feel, add new levels, or change the birds’ abilities. Angry Birds MOD APK is completely free to download and use, but it does require Android 2.3 or later.

Features of Angry Bird MOD APK

Unlimited Money

With unlimited money, you can unlock all levels and access new characters without having to spend hours playing the game. This feature also allows you to buy power-ups and boosts that will help you clear difficult levels easily. The unlimited money feature gives you complete control over your gameplay, allowing you to customize your experience as per your preferences. You will also love the features of Earn to Die MOD APK.

Unlimited Money

Unlock Different Levels

One of the most significant advantages of downloading Angry Birds MOD APK is that you get access to different levels right from the start without having to complete previous ones first. This feature makes gameplay more exciting as players don’t have to wait long before getting their hands on challenging levels. Moreover, this MOD APK also offers various power-ups that make playing easier and more fun.

Variety of Birds

One feature of Angry Bird MOD APK is the inclusion of different types of birds. Each bird has unique abilities and characteristics that affect how they can be used to complete levels. For example, some birds are best for breaking through obstacles while others are better at causing explosions or reaching far-off targets. This variety adds depth to the gameplay and forces players to strategize before launching their attacks.

Upgrade the Feathery Creatures

The Angry Birds MOD APK takes things to another level by upgrading the feathery creatures that we all love. This version offers a range of new features that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. For one thing, you can now unlock all levels right from the beginning without having to complete them in order. This means you can jump straight into your favorite levels without having to wait.

Unlimited Boosters

One of the most exciting features of the Angry Bird MOD APK is unlimited boosters. These boosters include power-ups such as Mighty Eagle, Power Potion, and King Sling, which are essential in advancing through challenging levels. With these power-ups, players can easily take down tough obstacles and complete stages faster than ever before. You must get free benefits of using Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK.

Unlimited Lives

Angry Birds is a classic mobile game that has been entertaining users for years. But what if we told you there was a way to enhance your gaming experience? Enter the Angry Bird MOD APK, which offers unlimited lives, among other features. This means players can play as much as they want without worrying about running out of lives or having to wait for them to regenerate.

Play with your Friends

One of the most exciting features of Angry Birds MOD APK is its ability to play with your friends. The multiplayer function allows you to connect with your friends and compete against each other in real-time. You can also see how well you are doing compared to other players around the world on the leaderboard feature. This feature adds a whole new dimension of competition and fun to an already addictive game.

All Unlocked

No Requirement of Internet

One of the most significant advantages of Angry Birds MOD APK is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to play. Players can enjoy the game without worrying about their internet connectivity or restrictions on data usage. Whether you’re on a long flight or in a remote location, you can always launch your favorite birds without any hiccups.

Card Refill

Card Refill is an essential feature that helps players get back into the game quickly. With this feature, players can refill their cards instantly without having to wait for hours or spend money on in-game purchases. This feature comes in handy when players lose all their lives and need to start over again.

No Ads

Angry Bird MOD APK is a modified version of the original game that removes all ads from the gameplay. This means that you can play without any interruptions or distractions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game. You won’t have to worry about accidentally clicking on an ad while playing your favorite levels anymore.


In conclusion, Angry Birds MOD APK is a great way to add some additional fun and excitement to your Android game experience. Whether you’re playing for the first time or revisiting an old favorite, this app is sure to keep you entertained. It’s easy to use, and provides all the information players need without bogging them down in details. So if you’re looking for a new way to kill some time, be sure to check out the Angry Birds MOD APK!

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